Writing Solo Music for Wind Instruments

About Me

As Composer

Mr. William Pagan-Perez is a musician and educator who love to compose music, especially soloist music for wind instruments. After arranging many pieces for his students, and by request of his former graduate school trombone professor (Dr. Donn Schaefer) in a homework, Mr. Pagan-Perez started to compose original music instead to be arranging.

Works for trombone

His first composition was Lady Sara for trombone, guiro, and piano. Lady Sara's World Premiere was on 2012 by Trombonist Christopher Dobbins at Soul Ross State University. Years later, Remberto Vazquez (Mr. Pagan-Perez student) performed Lady Sara in a Preparatory School Concert at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. In 2013, Mr. Pagan-Perez himself performed a special arrangement for his bass trombone piece Mabodamaca's Meditation, this performance was in collaboration with the Porta del Sol Wind Ensemble. In 2014, trombonist Nayib Gonzalez and the Porta del Sol Wind Ensemble performed the World Premiere of The Bo Guamo's Battle (for bass trombone and concert band). Trombonist Juan Solis-Padilla performed the piece Theme and Variation on 'Duérmete mi niño' for trombone and piano in a Preparatory School Concert at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico (2016). The first movement of Mr. Pagan-Perez's Concertino for Trombone and Piano was performed by trombonist Luis F. Fred at the University of Costa Rica (2016). Short Piece for Contrabass trombone was composed by the request of trombonist Javier Colomer from Spain. Sonatina for bass trombone and piano was performed during the International Trombone Festival (2017) by trombonist Gerry Pagano. Trombonist Randy Román performed the World Premiere of Sharellee (a single movement piece for trombone and piano).

Other successful works

Fanfare for the Common Teenager is a piece that includes many jazz and Afro Puerto Rican elements, that have been performed by many concert bands, such as the Porta del Sol Wind Ensemble, Preparatory Concert Band (Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico),  San German Municipal Band, Concert Band of University of Puerto Rico (Ponce Campus), and the Concert Band of the Escuela Libre de Música de Mayagüez. Concertante Boricua No. 2 for bassoon and wind ensemble was dedicated to bassoonist Heather Ainsworth-Dobbins, who performed the piece on many occasions. Four Pieces for flute and electric bass was commissioned by flutist Daisy Colón, but it also was a nice success for violin and electric bass when violinist Veronica Quevedo make the decision to perform the piece.  

As a Music Educator

Mr. William Pagán-Pérez is a former trombone instructor and history of music professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico.  Also, Mr. Pagan-Perez taught trombone, euphonium, and music theory at the Preparatory School of the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, and trombone at the University of Puerto Rico (Río Piedras Campus). As a music teacher, Mr. Pagan Perez taught music instruments, music theory and conducted beginners and intermediates symphony orchestras and concert bands at the Youth Orchestra Program of Puerto Rico (POSJU), the System of Youth Orchestras and Choirs- Música 100 X 35, and the Secondary School (UHS) of the University of Puerto Rico. Mr. Pagán-Pérez was the assistant director and faculty of the Song and Wind Brass Instruments Seminar offered in many educative institutions in Puerto Rico. 

Today, Mr. Pagan-Perez is a public school music teacher on the Western New York Area.

As a Musician

As an additional or substituted trombonist, Mr. Pagán-Pérez has collaborated with different Puerto Rican orchestras and ensembles: Concert Band of Puerto Rico, The Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, Casal’s Festival of Puerto Rico Orchestra, and the Sinfonietta Orchestra. Also, Mr. Pagán-Pérez was a trombonist of the Guillermo Figueroa Chamber Orchestra of Bayamón City for two seasons and was a founder member of The Chilling Trombone Ensemble. Also, Mr. Pagán-Pérez was an additional musician of the Summit Brass in two concerts on Denver (July 2008 and 2009). Mr. Pagán-Pérez was a trombonist of many "Broadway Shows" with the Santa Bernardita Production Company: The Sound of Music (2004- 05), The King and I (2006), The Fiddle on the Roof (2007).


William Pagán-Pérez has a Master Degree in Music Performance- Trombone (2009) from the University of Utah, a Brass Instruments Performance Certificate (2006) and a Bachelor Degree in Music (Education / Trombone- 2003) from the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico.

He was a participant of the Northwestern University's Trombone Master Classes, the College Audition Preparation Workshop (Bloomington, IN), the Rafael Mendez Brass Institute (Denver, CO), and the Youth Symphony Orchestra Festival of the Americas (FOSJA). 


He was born in Puerto Rico (a United State territory) in 1976. He grew up in the town of Yauco, were learned to be a musician with Francisco Pérez, Felix R. Valedon, and Keyla Cruz.